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” All you need to know about our lashes service “

Classic lashes service

This service provide you length and curl by applying a single extension in one natural lash. Is suitable for everyone who is looking for an natural look.

You can choose from our menu :

* classic half set £55 / £65 (1h15min)

*classic full set £75 /£84 (1h30min)

*classic extra full set £85 / £94 (2h)

For maintenance you can choose from : *classic lite infill £40 /£50 (45mins)

*classic standard infill £50 /£60 (60mins)

Volume lashes service

This service provides your lashes a fluffier and fuller look . The method to use consist in applying multiple thinner lashes extensions in one single natural eyelash.

It’s perfect choose for anyone who wants a fuller look or have a very few natural lashes.

You can choose from our menu :

*natural volume set £100/£115 (2h15min)

*dramatic volume set £115/£130 (2h45min)

*max volume set £130/£145 (3h+)

For maintenance choose from:

*lite volume infill£60/£70 (1h30min)

*standard volume infill £70/£80(1h45min)

*full volume infill £80/£90(2h)

Hybrid or classic and volume mix

This service provides you lashes with fabulous fullness and gorgeous texture.

The method to use is strategically combining our classic and volume lash applicationsacross your lash line.

It’s perfect choose for anyone torn between our classic and volume lashes!

You can choose from our menu

* classicxvolume half set £65/£75 (1h15min)

* Classicxvolume full set £85 /£94(1h45min)

* Classicxvolume extra full set £95/£105(2h)

For maintenance

*classicxvolume standard infill £60/£65(1h15min)

Lash lift service

This service it’s provide to your natural lashes a lift ,curl and improve the condition and health .

Suitable for anyone they lashes grows straight,or have criss-crossing natural lashes,or they are thin and wants to improve thickness,or want to take a break from lash extensions treatment, inclusive for who are allergic to lash extensions .

You can chose from our menu:

*lash lift (filler) £50 1h

*lash lift (filler) with tint £60

Patch test

We highly recommend patch test to all our customers for safety your own safety also for better understanding for your desired look.

The point of the patch test is to see if the client is going to have an allergic reaction to the products or not.

We provide a 30min appointment for patch test including a consultation,where we will use the same products what we use for full service. It’s consist an applying couples of lashes extension on each eyes .

if it’s your first time having lashes extensions you can have an idea how they gone look.

Wedding or special occasion

It’s your big day or are you having big occasions coming up?

If it’s that you ,we highly recommend to have your lashes done in advance with minimum 3weeks -1month.

Why? Under the stress or emotional situations our body can react differently and we may become allergic or having reactions to some products.

So to avoid this we recommend to try our services before your special occasion and get the patch test.

Contact us in advance with enough time, we will suggest you the best appointment plan for your big day !

Ana | Lash Artist


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