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 Eyelash Lift

Our Lash lift services 

Lash lift with Lash filler vitamin

Lash Filler is a treatment, that will not only lift your lashes and add them a curl, but will also improve the condition and health of your natural lashes. What is more, it is the first treatment in the world, that by its clinical test has proven that increases the thickness of natural lashes by 24%! Yes, that’s correct – your lashes not only will be lifted and appear longer, but they will also be visibly thicker! All thanks to specially developed products that have the ability to go into hair structure and work from the inside. No mascara needed!

Who is this treatment for?

- Lifting eyelashes that grow straight or downwards

- Disordered or criss-crossing natural eyelashes

- Dry and brittle natural eyelashes that need nourishing

- Thin eyelashes to improve thickness 

- Long and rigid eyelashes to become more manageable and soft 

- Clients who want to take a break from eyelash extensions or Clients who are allergic to eyelash extensions

Please do book a patch test and consultation at least 48h prior to your full appointment



  • Lash Lift (Lash filler ) £60

  • Lash Lift (Lash filler ) with Tint £70 

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