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which lash service to book ? How to choose a eyelash service

How to choose a eyelash service

When you are looking for a lash service you don't know which service to book if you are especially a fist timer.


We offer a FREE consultation to discuss whats the best option for you .

At this appointment, you do not need to decide either lash lift or lash extensions to book yet, we can discuss your need , check your eyeshape and eyelash condition and give you a suggestion. We will then plan your visit.

If you are not sure what to book simply just book a consultaiton online.

Eyelash lift by BLANCO Beauty are perfect for someone who has good length of lashes. This service give you a nice lifted curl to your natural lashes.

if you have a shorter lashes or

if you would like to have a thicker looking lashes or

if you want to go Mascara FREE


go for Extensions

Which set to choose are depends on the look you wish to have.

We have FULL SET as a standard set

and also we have a HALF set for someone who has sparse lash.

This is just a brief guide of what service to book :)

Please send us a message or DM on IG if you have any query .


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